Tiny World Updated to 1.2

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BIG news everyone! Tiny World has finally been updated to 1.2 and by that we are now supporting the iPhone X, ios 11 and all devices up til now! We have fixed some annoying bugs and made some small updates. We are now working on a complete remake to be able to port it to both Android and Windows! We also plan to add some more features, maps and fun! 
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you should run into any bugs!

Ancient Gold Mine on PC

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Hey guys! I bring good news! Ancient Gold Mine the Digital Board Game is now finally able to be purchased on the Windows platform! You can buy it here for as low as 3 USD. It's of course DRM free and all that. :)

Click this wonderful PayPal payment button to start your childhood over again: 

Tiny World Android

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HEY GUYS! I have the pleasure to announce that Tiny World will launch for Android and PC very soon! Also with new maps and some other goodies.. YES you'll have to wait and see!


Update 1.1

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twHey guys! Got some news for you! A new map is coming up very soon! Here is some art sneak peek for you PixelArt lovers!=) It will be swampy.

ALSO we are considering a new gamestyle. More on that later! :)

The new map will include a col new feature too! Wait and see!