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Tiny World: the latest competitive strategy game!

A competitive strategy game set on the most smallest of floating islands, remains from a place where peace and prosperity were fact - until two greedy sons lost their senses after their father passed away.

This is the beginning of an epic battle for the remaining lands. Who will get the most land? Who gets the most Victory Points? Who is the most strategic one? Is it you?


Game Features:
 - One Player - Freeplay or Missions
 - Online Multiplayer
 - Awesome graphics - pixel art!
 - Smooth and intuitive gameplay
 - Competitive leaderboards

Your farmers must battle the opponents for resources, while at the same time acquiring food to live!

You both start off with two farmers; the first thing you’ll need to do is acquire food for your farmers - each farmer consumes one bit of food per round! If you run out of food, the farmers will start to eat grain - and if they can’t eat grain they’ll take a bite from your Victory Points - which you DO NOT WANT THEM TO EAT!

But, you can’t go around collecting food all day, that gets you nowhere and certainly won't get you any Victory Points! So you have to go set about gathering the other resources too! Each farmer can perform one action on each round - get more farmers to make more moves! Get some stone, wood, wheat, food and lots of animals to gain the edge on your opponent!

tw_2Then its time to build! Each game starts with random building cards to give you (or the opponent) the upper hand. Some buildings are purely for Victory Points, while others are more practical - giving you food.

You're not just playing for fun either, you can compete in missions to test your winning strategy. Other games are easy, this is the exception!

Development by Ryan Bourne @ CodeMonkeyzDevelopment for MadSilenceStudios

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